The Lagos of my Dream as a “Lady”

A thousand and one reason I will always rep Lagos city.

Eko- The Centre of Excellence is a City of Opportunities, the Largest in Nigeria and the most populous urban cities that accommodates people from different ethnics.

Lagos is a centre of excellence when it come to Return on Investments – houses, lands and properties on sale give you triple return.

We have many crafty individuals outside Lagos wasting their talents, they are needed here in Lagos. Entrepreneurs Nationwide are advised to at least take a peep at Lagos to build their career and climb the ladder to success.

Lagos is a place of Connection, Networking and Opportunities.

You can easily get connected here if you move with the right set of people, while exploring and experiencing good Life.

Lagos is a place of Sales; The price is right? The products are WOW.

If you have been thinking of starting a small business, Lagos has many markets to buy commodities at wholesale and retail. Also Lagos gives you access to ship your products worldwide easily.

Food business also sells fast, because most people are likely too busy to cook,  they prefer to buy already prepared food.

Living in Lagos as taught me that I can survive anywhere, because I get challenged, inspired and pushed beyond my presumed limits here in Lagos. No dulling! The Struggle is real. Lagos is not for Lazy people.

I have a dream for Lagos.

I dream of a city where everything would keep going on smoothly.

I dream of a country where there would continually be gender equality.

I dream of a City where there will be Less Crime rate.

I dream of a city with motorable roads and regular power supply.

I dream of a city that will have access to subsidized or Free medical care and also where people will establish more World class Hospitals/Companies than place of worships.

I dream of a city with Low level of Prostitution in Disguise among Ladies all because there are no Jobs.

I dream of a city where touts will be taken off the roads and transportation will be available and affordable.

I dream of a city with less Traffic nightmares.

I dream of a city where landlord can directly list their houses on platform that can be reached rather than agents pull substantial amount from people to secure a Residential place or Commercial place.

The Lagos of my Dream as a lady is to see Lagos Nigeria positively influential at the world stage.

I Oluwafolakemi,  Abike Odidi,  I am a Lagos Breed, I was born and I live in Lagos. My business is in Lagos, I am an hustler in my craft, I don’t wait for opportunities, I create it and get things done.

My dream is to own a Factory for mass production of my Footwear and Handbags, give birth to other brands, empower the Youths and make more items for Export. My dream is also to Own a House in one of the big places in Lagos. My dream is to positively impact the life of Lagosians and also be one of the Famous Business Tycoon in Lagos.

  EKO for Show

Omo Eyo, Omo Eko

#ABIKE Made it.


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